Privatization of Medicaid

While it remains a struggle for a lot of people (me included) we must be patient to see if the system will actually work as it is intended. First and foremost, there cannot be ONE single Iowan that doesn't get the services that he/she needs. That has to remain the top priority! Secondly, the providers must get paid in a timely manner. Last, if the state of Iowa can save millions (hundreds of millions?) for its taxpayers then it will have worked as intended as long as #1 and #2 are happening. There are always bumps in the road when new programs are implemented and it will be extremely important after the auditor's report on what the actual amount saved actually is. It will need to be verified and agreed upon by people from both parties and several different state agencies. Until that happens, it has done nothing but cause problems, stress and a feeling of uneasiness for many Iowans.